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Racing oil additive Wx2 Wx² X-Cleaner Injection Diesel Wx² X-Cleaner Injection Gasoline Wx² X-Cleaner Injection Turbo & DPF Racing oil Wx2 5L
World's nº 1 Friction Killer
Near Zero Quantum Technology

Marly Wx² is our latest motor oil additive, based on metal-inorganic multi-layers fullerenes (Nanotec®).

Marly, expert in solid lubricants since 1919 has developed Wx², a technology that allows friction and wear reductions to an unprecedented degree to date.

The multi-layer ball shape and the chemical ‘hyper stability’ of Wx2 structure assure an exceptional resistance against high pressure and extreme temperature.

Wx² is the new absolute reference in anti-friction additives.
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The Friction Killer

Marly innovates again with a ground breaking anti-friction technology, based on a nanotechnological molecule, giving unseen performances.

The efficiency reaches such a level that not only the driveability is clearly improved, but also the gain in power and torque is perfectly measurable on a dynamometer.

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